Kappa Alpha Theta

Delta Iota Chapter University of Puget Sound

Chapter Officers

Kayli Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Email: klbrown@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Wenatchee, WA Degree: Exercise Science Theta Experience: One of my favorite things about Theta is the overwhelming support and love I get from all my sisters. I have made some of my best friends through this sorority. This organization has also given me amazing leadership experience and opportunities that will continue to help me later in life. I will forever be grateful to Kappa Alpha Theta and all of my experiences. Position: As CEO, it is my responsibility to oversee our executive team and to ensure that we are all communicating and doing our best to meet the needs of our chapter. I am a source of support for all members of exec and cabinet, as well as a resource for any Theta members with concerns that she would like heard. I also work with the greater Panhellenic community and help serve as a point of communication between our chapter, the university and Theta headquarters. Fun Fact: My wrist is made of metal and I set off airport metal detectors

Carly Dryden

Chief Operating Officer

Email: cdryden@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Ventura, CA Degree: Theatre Arts Major with Business Minor Theta Experience: Theta has always held a special place in my heart since I am a third generation legacy, following my grandmother and aunt. Even though I have not had the "big school" sorority experience they had, I am thankful for the family I have created within Theta and the Panhellenic community, while continuing the legacy of leading women in my own family. Position: As the Chief Operating Officer, I make sure the chapter is operating smoothly. I am the head of the Risk Management team which includes overseeing the Event Director and the Human Resources Director. I also lead the Membership Development Committee and work with members in the chapter to make sure we are creating the best environment and experience for our members. Fun fact: I sing the National Anthem at rodeos and know over a dozen line dances.

Jackie van Ardenne

Chief Administrative Officer

Email: jvanardenne@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Moraga, CA Degree: Double Major​ in Chemistry and Math Theta Experience: I was Scholarship Director in theta the past year and I have served on many different theta committees. Position: As a Chief Administrative Officer, my job is to supervise and oversee the general mechanics of the chapter. I ensure that the chapter runs smoothly. I also coordinate officer elections and transitions and serve as chairman of the bylaws committee. Fun Fact: I row for the women’s crew team!

Katie Remington

Chief Education Officer

Email: kremington@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Parker, CO Degree: Psychology Major with a Neuroscience Minor Theta experience: I joined Theta in the spring of my freshman year. My sisters have challenged and encouraged me every step of the way. I wouldn't be where I am today without their unconditional love and support. I'm so proud to be part of an organization full of strong, independent and diverse women, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Position description: As Chief Learning Officer, I am responsible for coordinating all learning opportunities, professional development, and educational programs. I also lead the education committee. Fun fact: I used to be a competitive swimmer!

Madelyn Shapiro

Chief Financial Officer

Email: mshapiro@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Menlo Park, CA Degree: Math Theta Experience: I've tried to get as involved as possible since joining last year. I've been on many committees, but my favorite part has for sure been living in the house. Position Description: As CFO I do a lot of behind the scenes work including billing and budgeting. It is my job to help ensure that the other officers and our chapter as a whole budget effectively so we can get the most for our money. Fun Fact: I'm allergic to sheep.

Mallory Allen

Chief Recruitment Officer

Email: mallen@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA Degree: Business and Art Theta Experience: I joined Theta Spring 2015. I remember during recruitment walking into the house and having it just feel like home, that feeling never went away. Being in Theta has been such an amazing experience because I get to be surrounded by so many empowered young women! Position: As CRO I plan recruitment in the spring as well as work week. It's my job to get our members exited about meeting new girls and getting new members, and pumped about the Theta experience of course! Fun Fact: My eyebrows are always on fleek!

Phoebe Winters

Chief Panhellenic Officer

Email: pwinters@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Saratoga, CA 
Degree: Economics with a German minor. Theta Experience: Freshman year I really wanted to get more involved on campus and decided to go through rush. I found a community of strong women who push themselves and challenge me to be better people! Position: As CPO I represent theta at weekly Panhellenic meetings and communicate information between the house and council. Fun Fact: I sprained my ankle and rib within a week of each other last spring during crew season!

Monica Arnone

Chief Marketing Officer

Email: marnone@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Portland, OR. Degree: French Language and International Affairs Theta experience: I joined Theta because I love the sense of community that it gives me at Puget Sound. Because we’re so small, it feels like one big family that will always be there for you. My Theta experience has been a lot of building that community, and I’m so excited to keep at it! Position: I’m the Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO of Theta, and my main function is connecting our chapter to alumnae and other exterior groups. Fun fact: I taught myself how to hula hoop in seventh grade, and have been teaching myself tricks and making my own hoops ever since! ​

Dani Rodriguez

Event Director

Email: dcrodriguez@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Sacramento, CA Degree: Business and Economics double major. Theta Experience: My favorite Theta experience was getting my big ! Position: As Event Director my job is to plan Formal each semester and Inter-fraternal Events. Fun Fact: My eyes are different colors, one is light brown and the other is black.

Carly Osherow

Scholarship Director

Email: cosherow@pugetsound.edu Hometown: St. Louis, MO Major: Math major, Computer Science and Education minors Theta Experience: I joined Theta Spring of 2016 and have felt at home in this community ever since. Throughout my time in Theta, I have participated in many committees, and last term I was the Chief Financial Officer. Position Description: As scholarship director, my job is to motivate the chapter to maintain a high level of scholarship and provide access to the resources to do so. Fun Fact: I play rugby!!

Alison Mim Mack

New Member Director

Email: amimmack@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Stevensville, MT Degree: Psychology with a Business and Gender and Queer Studies minor. Theta experience: I joined Theta as a freshman in Spring 2017 and immediately felt at home here. Through Theta I have found a diverse, supportive, and unconditionally loving community of women that I am proud to be a part of. Position: As NMD I am responsible for educating our new members and making sure they feel as at home as I did my freshman year!​ Fun facts: I was born in New Zealand so I have dual citizenship and spent the first 6 years of my life sailing in the South Pacific.

Avery Bearden

Online Media Director

Email: abearden@pugetsound.edu Hometown: San Francisco, CA Degree: Sociology and Anthropology with a Communications minor. Theta Experience: I joined Theta spring of 2017. I've loved getting to meet so many new women that I otherwise might not have gotten to know as well. Position: As OMD I am in charge of running all of the social media for our chapter (Facebook, Instagram, Website). Fun Fact: I went to boarding school for high school, so I've lived in a dorm for the past six years. Woo hoo !

Kristin Goodell

Service and Philanthropy Director

email: kgoodell@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA Major: Politics & Government with a Music & Theatre Arts minor. Theta Experience: I joined Theta in the spring of my freshman year. I wasn't sure if I wanted to join Greek life, but I am so glad that I did! It has been life-changing getting to meet, bond, and work with all of these amazing leading women. Joining Theta has helped me to become more confident in myself and become an active and influential member of our campus and community. Position: As Service & Philanthropy Director, I work with the service committee to find volunteer opportunities for our members, as well as head the philanthropy committee which plans philanthropic events to raise money for the CASA Foundation. In the fall, we have our Signature Philanthropy called Rock the CASA, and in the spring we host smaller events such as Pancakes for CASA and various bake sales. Fun fact: I have been doing Scottish Country Dance for thirteen years!

Katy Alden

Executive Assistant

Email: kalden@pugetsound.edu Hometown: Coralville, IA Degree: Biochemistry Theta Experience: Since joining a year ago I have served on a few committees and enjoyed getting to know our awesome leading women. I love that my sisters are not only amazing and supportive peers, they are also powerful, exceptional role models. Position: Executive Assistant takes roll, validates excuses, and sends out announcements. Fun Fact: Though I have rarely had the opportunity, I love playing badminton.

Dani Dixon

Facility Management Director & Greek House Coordinator

Email: ddixon@pugetsound.edu