Delta Iota Chapter

University of Puget Sound

Chapter Officers

Kayla Dimicco

Chief Executive Officer

Email: Hometown: Kirkland, Washington Degree: Business & Psychology Theta Experience: I have a unique Theta experience in that this is the second chapter that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. I was initiated as a member of the Eta Sigma chapter at Chapman University as a freshman before being welcomed into the Delta Iota chapter in 2015. I previously served as the Chief Financial Officer as well as on the recruitment committee. I am so grateful that Theta values and friendship truly to do reach nationwide. Position: As CEO, it is my responsibility to oversee our executive team and to ensure that we are all communicating and doing our best to meet the needs of our chapter. I am a source of support for all members of exec and cabinet, as well as a resource for any Theta members with concerns that she would like heard. I also work with the greater Panhellenic community and help serve as a point of communication between our chapter, the university and Theta headquarters. Fun Fact: I love to flip and spend time in the air which has led me to compete in diving and trampoline as well as to take a couple of trapeze lessons!

Claire Weckl

Chief Operating Officer

Email: Hometown: Newbury Park, California Degree: Psychology, minoring in Politics & Government Experience: I joined Theta my freshman year and have loved being a part of such a wonderful community of strong, supporting women. I have been on several committees and love to be involved with my sorority, and am very excited to take on the role as COO. Position: As COO, I am in charge of Risk Management for the chapter and ensuring that all events run safely and wonderfully. I also run MDC, and am available often to discuss any issues that the women in the chapter are having. Fun fact: I hope to move to New York after I graduate to attend grad school and hopefully work with or within the FBI.

Lindsey Roberts

Chief Administrative Officer

Email: Hometown: Fountain Valley, California Degree: Double Major​ in Biology and Exercise Science Theta Experience: I joined Theta during my first year at UPS and fell in love with the great women and wonderful community that I found. I've really enjoyed my experience so far, and am excited to serve as CAO! Position: As a Chief Administrative Officer, my job is to supervise and oversee the general mechanics of the chapter. I ensure that the chapter runs smoothly. I also coordinate officer elections and transitions and serve as chairman of the bylaws committee. Fun Fact(s): In addition to being a part of Theta, I am president of our campus's Intervarsity chapter, and love getting to lead small group bible study's with women from each sorority on campus!

Meagan MacKay

Chief Education Officer

Email: Hometown: San Jose, CA Degree: Psychology, Exercise Science minor

Carly Osherow

Chief Financial Officer

Email: Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri Degree: Math & Computer Science majors Theta Experience: I've tried to get as involved as possible since joining last year. I've been on many committees, but my favorite part has for sure been living in the house. Position Description: As CFO I do a lot of behind the scenes work including billing and budgeting. It is my job to help ensure that the other officers and our chapter as a whole budget effectively so we can get the most for our money. Fun Fact: I love mini golf, pool, and cheesy quotes, and claw machines are my hidden talent.

Alex Keysselitz

Chief Recruitment Officer

Email: Hometown: Pasadena, CA Degree: History major, Education Minor Theta Experience: I joined Theta Spring 2015. I remember during recruitment walking into the house and having it just feel like home, that feeling never went away. Being in Theta has been such an amazing experience because I get to be surrounded by so many empowered young women! Position: As CRO I plan recruitment in the spring as well as work week. It's my job to get our members exited about meeting new girls and getting new members, and pumped about the Theta experience of course! Fun Fact: I tell people I'm a cat and dog person, but really I'm a cat lover all the way!

Austin Stiver

Chief Panhellenic Officer

Email: Hometown: Santa Clara, CA 
Degree: Politics and Government Theta Experience: Growing up I was always had a strong sense of community, especially with my elementary school and former swim team. So when I ended up joining Theta, I was so excited to find another wonderful community to take part in. Position: Whenever people ask about this position, I compare it to being a class representative in student council, my class being the chapter and the larger council being Panhellenic council at UPS. Successfully relaying information between the chapter and the council is my main goal. I really admire that this council provides the opportunity to share the values of our chapter with other houses on campus. Fun Fact: I’m actually named after Austin, Nevada not Austin, Texas and I have not been to either city.

Carly Dryden

Chief Marketing Officer

Email: Hometown: Ventura, CA. Degree: Theatre Arts Major, Business Minor. Theta experience: My grandmother and aunt were both Thetas when they attended university, so joining Theta meant more to me than joining a sorority: it was continuing the legacy of leading women in my family, while creating a family at Puget Sound. Position: As the Chief Marketing Officer, I handle all things related to positive image and marketing of Kappa Alpha Theta. I oversee our Social Media Director and Service and Philanthropy Director and handle all relations with alumni. Fun fact: I sing the National Anthem at rodeos and love to line dance

Alyssa Lederman

Human Resources Director

Email: Hometown: Concord, CA Degree: Major: Psychology Minors: SOAN, Education Theta Experience: I joined Theta my freshman year and have loved serving on committees and getting to know all of my incredible sisters since. Theta is the most impressive and welcoming organization I have ever been a part of and I cannot wait to see where this year takes us! Position: As the Human Resource Director, my job includes planning sisterhoods as well as maintaining and improving our chapter’s morale. Fun Facts: I am currently learning ASL and have worked with kids who have developmental disorders over the past 4 years.

Mallory Allen

Event Director

Email: Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA Degree: Business Major, Econ and Studio Art Minor Theta Experience: My Theta experience has been everything I had imagined and more. Theta has given me a the opportunity to be in leadership positions while making meaningful relationships and connections throughout college. Last semester I served as Online Media Director and I am excited to take on the position of Event Director this year! Position: As Event Director my job is to plan Formal each semester and Inter-fraternal Events. Fun Fact: I strive to have my eyebrows on fleek each and everyday.​

Jackie Van Ardenne

Scholarship Director

Email: Hometown: Moraga, California Major: Chemistry with a Math minor Theta Experience: I have been involved in multiple committees since joining theta as a freshman, and I am looking forward to further getting involved with with my scholarship director position. Position Description: As scholarship director, my job is to motivate the chapter to maintain a high level of scholarship and provide access to the resources to do so. Fun Fact: I was an elephant in an ice skating show when I was 3.

Mattie Peters

New Member Director

Email: Hometown: Ventura, CA Degree: Psychology Theta experience: I joined Theta in the Spring of 2016 during my freshman year and have served on several committees. Having only joined a year ago, I look forward to strengthening the current relationships I have with these amazing women and creating new ones with our new members. Position: As the New Member Director, I am responsible for new member orientation, as well as helping new members to get situated and feel at home in Theta. Fun facts: I have been a vegetarian my whole life and love The Beatles with all my heart -- I know every one of their songs.

Ruby Joseph

Online Media Director

Email: Hometown: Portland, OR Degree: Politics & Government major, French and Education minors Theta Experience: I joined Theta during informal recruitment Fall 2016, and immediately felt welcomed. In the short time that I have been a Theta, I have felt so much love and support from my sisters in all endeavors! Position: As OMD I am in charge of running all of our social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I also keep our website updated. Fun Fact: I love crafting and anything glittery!

Kayli Brown

Service and Philanthropy Director

email: Hometown: Wenatchee, Wa Major: Exercise Science Theta Experience: Getting to meet so many amazing, strong, women of leadership. And just always being surrounded by support and love Position: My position includes providing service opportunities for the chapter to do so they get closer to all their required service hours, plan philanthropies (rock the CASA, and a smaller one) all for donations to the foundations we support, I also log service hours emailed to me by chapter members, and host two committees. All in all so much fun but you have to be good at planning and time management. Fun fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose and chin

Hadley Johanson

Executive Assistant

Email: Hometown: Santa Clara Degree: Psych major, AFAM minor Theta Experience: Theta has changed my whole college experience and I'm so thankful for all it's done for me Position: Executive Assistant takes roll, validates excuses, and sends out announcements Fun Fact: I have 2 dogs and 4 cats back home

Dani Dixon

Facility Management Director & Greek House Coordinator